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Not everyone may be comfortable giving these experiences, and that's fine. Perhaps it's a bit private to some people, and that's respected, however I don't mind sharing mine, so I thought I'd start off by telling a bit about myself and when I finally and totally submitted myself to Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

Firstly, my name is Derek and I'm (at this point) 23 years old. I live in Florida. I grew up Catholic, with the head knowledge, but without that in my heart. I knew what all the answers were on the test, so to speak, but I hadn't appropriated that knowledge. I knew it because others told me it was right, as it were. I accepted it, but passively. Recently we (my mother, brothers, and I) left the Catholic church and are presently presbyterian. At no point, however, did I ever put more value on denomination than following Christ, even though at that point I wasn't truly living what I professed.

A few months ago (I'd like to say November 2011 but I'm not entirely sure) I was at Bed Bath & Beyond with my grandparents and I had with me a book I was reading. Crazy God by Francis Chan. I was walking along behind them, reading my book, and the more I read, the more I felt that I'd missed something. I'd missed the loving aspect of God's nature, I realized. I was so used to thinking of Him as angry, demanding, keeping score, I'd understood His love intellectually and not intuitively. Something clicked that night and I accepted Christ fully. I'd accepted Him so many times in the past, but I'd always held something back from Him. It was as if I was trying to say, "Jesus, I love You. You can have...80% of me." And this time I gave him that extra 20%. It was like being hit by the best ton of bricks in my life. It felt overwhelming, it truly did. I like to joke that God is His wisdom saw fit to have this happen by the towel aisle so if I had gotten a bit teary-eyed I'd have been able to take care of it right away.

Since that night, I've read God's Word with renewed interest that I'd never had before. Prayer's no longer something I'm 'supposed' to do, but something I often desire to do. I truly praise Him for what He's done in my life, and is still doing. I noticed changes in my life that I hadn't seen coming, such as I've stopped cussing entirely (with the occasional regrettable slip-up, but they are few and far between) though I'd never decided I even wanted to stop. Perhaps the two largest things were my pornogrophy addiction and anger issues, both of which have been completely wiped clean, and through no act of my own (trust me, I'd been trying for years on both of those without success).

That's my experience. I hope to hear yours soon! God bless!

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