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God's Name Used In Vain

Posted by obsessd on August 31, 2012 at 4:55 PM

Ever heard someone take God's name in vain? Either Jesus Christ used to express disgust, or the title God followed by a curse word? I highly doubt there are many, if any, who have never heard this before.  This is called blasphemy, and it's a sin, but how do you explain why it shouldn't be commited, other than "it's wrong"? How do you make the point politely and clearly?


Using God's name in vain is a method of expressing disgust with something. It is replacing a curse word with the very name of God. God hates this, as He does all sin.  But what's the big deal? Try looking at it this way:  Imagine someone is standing next to you and suddenly they stub their toe and the first angry words out of their mouth is your name.  How would you feel? Angry? Upset? Why is that? Isn't it because that person chose your name to be a symbol of disgust?  They could have said a lot of things from the (admittedly goofy sounding) "Oh darn" to some other choice words (that probably shouldn't be uttered, either), but for some reason, they felt that your name fit the bill for the job.  Why does that upset us? Isn't it because we see ourselves as good people and this smears our name? It's like saying we're on the level of that disgusting thing, that situation, that problem.  It brings us down to that level.  


Now imagine God. He is perfect in every way. There is nothing false about Him. And yet we think that it's alright to take His very name, the name of our savior, the man of Salvation who came to free the world from the bondage of sin and rescue a hellbound planet from the wages of their sins, the name Jesus Christ, and compare it to something horrible?  That's comparing diamonds to what you just shoved down the garbage disposal.  That's comparing rubies to used diapers.  It's insulting to the object of that comparison. It mocks that name being used. If we wouldn't want someone using our name in such an undignified manner, can't we - shouldn't we - show the same respect to Almighty God, who created us and offers salvation through the forgiveness of sins by His work on the cross? We mock not only Jesus, but what He did, when we misuse His name in this manner. 


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