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Seek, But Will You Find?

Posted by obsessd on August 10, 2012 at 1:55 AM

What particularly interests me of late is the Emerging Church movement, and people like them who can deny the necessity of repentance and faith in Christ. They say things like, "You're seeking God in your own way." That may be true, you are seeking God in your own way, maybe. The problem is, while you might be seeking, you're surely not finding.

It's like a game of hide and seek. If you look everywhere except where the person is hiding, you will never find them. It doesn't matter how thoroughly you search the wrong location, or how dedicated to the mistaken belief that person is hiding there you may be, if the person is not there, you will not find him or her. The difference between this and God is that He has announced His location to us in His word, the Holy Bible. He has come right out and said "Here I am!" but so many of us are still checking in the closets, in the pantries, under the beds, in garages, and refuse to believe that He has given us the answer.

So while the Emerging Church and those who preach that same concept are half right, they are still all wrong when it comes to the solution to the problem. The only solution is true faith in Jesus as the Messiah and repentance, a genuine turning from sin. Surrender your life to Christ, and you will finally find what you have been seeking.

God bless.

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