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A Double Standard?

Posted by obsessd on May 4, 2012 at 11:40 PM

In keeping with last blog's theme of stating obvious things, I wanted to talk on jealousy a bit.  It seems like there is a 'double standard' in Scripture that we are held to but God is not. I would like to explain how that's not the case.  Perhaps someone has mentioned this to you in some form.  Well, here's my best answer to it and you can tell me what you think of it.

It says in Scripture that we are not to covet, that we should not be jealous of what others have, then God Himself says He is a jealous God, and Scripture talks about His "jealous anger" being poured out on a disobedient Israel.  Is there a double standard here? Of course not. Let me try to explain as best I can.

We are commanded not to long for those things which don't belong to us.  For example, our neighbor's beautiful BMW when we drive a Honda Civic.  Why? Because we have no right to those things.  But God is jealous and justified in His jealousy because He has title deed to all Creation.  He is jealous after what is rightfully His in the first place:  mankind, His creation.  When we turn away from Him, He is jealous after us because we who are saved in Christ belong to Him.  I believe He is also jealous after the salvation of the lost, hence the Great Commission to save those who are presently doomed to Hell.  This jealousy is not a longing to gain without earning, but a longing for what belongs to Him. 

Let me put it this way:  would anyone think there was anything wrong if a man worked 40 hours and did a wonderful job at his work, but when the time came to be paid, he wasn't given a penny, and so he longs 'jealously' after his wages he earned? I doubt it. We would sympathize with his plight. He jealously longs for the money, but the difference is by the rights of the secular world, he earned what he is jealous for.  In a similar manner, God has the right to be jealous for us.  He paid for us on the cross, why can't He long after what is rightfully His?  So there really is no double standard at all, because our jealousy is base and sinful, corrupted by our nature, while His is perfect and pure and godly, as is His perfect Nature. 

I hope this makes sense.  God bless.

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