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License to Sin?

Posted by obsessd on May 1, 2012 at 7:00 PM

If you live in America, a big thing about the political culture here is our rights. We can be obsessed with them, and perhaps rightly so.  However some people seem to feel that Free Will equates to having the right to sin.  Obviously this isn't true.  It may be stating the obvious in this post, however sometimes the obvious needs stating, so here it goes.

God created us with free will, and therefore with the ability to sin, but He never confered on us the right to sin.  The major difference is this: an ability is just that: the physical capacity to perform an action.  Consequences aren't factored in and can be severe. But a right implies that there will be no negative consequences.  Nobody ever went to jail (I hope) because they exercised a constitutionally-guaranteed right (at least in the way in which it's guaranteed?).  Rights are intented to be consequence-free.  So while we were given by our Creator the ability to disobey Him, we don't have the right to do so.  Hell is proof we have no right!  Just like a judge in a secular court will punish you for breaking laws you have no right to break, God will do the same to those who transgress His laws and are not covered by the saving blood of the Savior, the Man Jesus Christ, Son of God. 

Let us never forget the difference between an ability and a right, and keep our eyes firmly on Christ at all times.  Amen.  God bless.

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