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Life: A Gift Summary

Posted by obsessd on March 14, 2012 at 3:40 AM

I've not personally heard this arguement, but I anticipate it, I suppose. I can see someone making this claim, so I want to nip it in the bud if at all possible and explain the fallacies inherent in the arguement.  It goes like this:


If you're right, my life is a gift from God, and as a gift, I can use it however I want and if God was the loving God you claim He is, He wouldn't punish me for spending the gift He gave me as I see fit.

I respectfully but forcefully disagree with this approach.  Please permit me to illustrate my point.  Suppose you have a friend who needs a new hairbrush. She really needs one, I mean. You find one at a store somewhere that's unique in the extreme, exactly the sort of brush she'd love. So you being a loving, caring friend, immediately buy it for her and on her birthday, you give her your gift, so pleased to be able to provide it. A week later you come over to her house and find out that she's been using the hairbrush you searched high and low to find to scrub toilets. How would you feel?Upset? Angered, maybe? You'd probably want an explenation for this. But why's that? Wasn't it a gift, after all, and hers to use as she saw fit? Yet we still are angry at the misuse of a precious present.


If we, mere humans, are upset when we see this sort of abuse, why would our Father in heaven be less so? Life was a gift. We can either use it as it was intended - by the gift giver - or we can scrub toilets with it. Which will it be? But we give an accounting for how we used or squandered our precious gift when the One who bestowed it upon us comes calling to see how much we love what He freely gave to us. In short, how we use our gifts is very important. Anyone who claims otherwise doesn't fully or truly appreciate that gift.

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