There Is A God

And His Name Is Jesus

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The hopeful purpose behind this website is to be a host of apologetics and evangelism for the Biblical Christian faith. Some ideas may be my own little sentiments now and then, but largely my expectations are that it'll involve links to other sites that I've watched and seen and enjoyed and want to share. I've been doing that so far on facebook, however I felt like perhaps it might be benefitial to have a more dedicated area to that purpose, and well, here I am! If you're not committed to Christ and you're reading this, then I sincerely and warmly welcome you and encourage you to poke around, find something interesting here or there, read whatever you'd like, and feel free to leave comments on it. I just ask that you please be polite. I may (if I'm feeling particularly able to do this) respond to a few comments (though no promises, I'm afraid) that are left here and there, if I can, however any angry or arguementative comments will be ignored and if it's possible (and I can find out how) I will block those who do that sort of thing. This isn't the place for that. Anyone else, feel free. I'm no professional theologian, so I won't know the answers to every single question out there, but keep this in mind: that's not a commentary on the faith, only my own knowledge. If a doctor doesn't know how to treat one certain disease, he is still a doctor and the medical field still exists. If I don't know how to answer a question, it doesn't disprove Christianity, it just means that I personally don't know that one. Please keep that in mind if you have any particular questions you wanted to bring up. For those who are Christian in the Biblical sense and have been born again, I welcome my brothers and sisters in Christ and hope that you find it as interesting a resource as well. God bless absolutely everyone who reads these words. Thank you.

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